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Okhta Centre

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If you find it a little odd that I keep writing about this subject, I do too.  It should technically have nothing to do with the Power Vertical, but as I noted in my previous post on this subject, it is turning into a possible Clan War.  It is also something that is close to my heart because I lived in Peter for 4 months at Uni.  And if I were there now, I would so have been out there with the protesters last weekend.  To me this is just another example of the complete lack of respect that the Putin regime has for its country, and its citizens.

P.S. Watch the video in this article entitled “Miller, put your phallus away!”  It is worth it for the sign alone.  Actually, just watch all the videos.

Written by Nina Jobe

October 15, 2009 at 8:05 PM

Alexander Avdeyev

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is totally my hero right now.  Of course, he will probably fall flat on his face, but at least he is taking a stand  on Gazprom Tower (I am still confused as to the real name… hang on… here it is: Okhta Centre).  Again, think of Smolnyy, people of Petersburg!  And your status as a World Heritage Site!

One problem, AP, Alexander Avdeyev is not all that powerful.  He has had an impressive career, but he may be taking on too much with both Gazprom, and Valentina Matvienko.  This could turn out to be the end of his career, or at least the beginning of a clan war.

Written by Nina Jobe

October 9, 2009 at 12:51 PM