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BORN: 21 May 1955

EDUCATION: *Mr. Shoigu is a graduate of the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnical Institute with a degree in construction engineering.

CAREER: *Mr Shoigu served as an inspector in the Krasnoyarsk Region CPSU Committee from 1977 until 1979.  *He served as Deputy Director of the RSFSR State Committee for Architecture, Construction and Government from 1990 until 1991.  *Mr. Shoigu was named Chairman of the Russian State Committee for Civil Defence, Emergency Situations and Elimination of the Consequences of Natural Disasters in 1991.  *He was first appointed to the post of Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Natural Disasters in 1994, and was subsequently reappointed by Prime Ministers Primakov, Stepashin, Kasyanov, Fradkov, and Zubkov.

MISCELLANEOUS: *The permanent head of the Ministry for Emergency Situations since its founding in 1991.  *A protégé of Boris Yeltsin, he is one of the most influential political figures under Putin.  *Shoigu is the founding father of the hastily assembled Unity Party (now renamed “United Russia”), which brought Putin to power. *In his free time, Mr Shoigu raises Labradors. *Putin’s dog, Koni, was a gift from Shoigu.


Written by Nina Jobe

September 3, 2009 at 6:59 PM

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