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BORN: 24 February 1953 in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR.

EDUCATION: *Mr Poltavchenko graduated from the Leningrad Aviation Instrument-Making Institute in 1976.  *He completed the Higher USSR KGB Courses in 1980.  *He later earned a degree from the St Petersburg Finance Technical School in 1994.

CAREER: *Mr Poltavchenko began working in 1976 as an engineer at the Leninets Scientific Production Association.  *He later served as an instructor with the Nevsky District Committee of the Young Communist League in Leningrad.  *From 1979-1992, Mr Poltavchenko completed his military service, and held various hands-on and senior positions in state security and intelligence agencies.  *Mr Poltavchenko was the Directorate Head of the Russian Tax Police Department for St Petersburg at the Tax Investigations Directorate of the State Tax Inspectorate for St Petersburg from 1992-1993.  *He held the position of Directorate Chief with the Federal Tax Police Service in St Petersburg.  *Mr Poltavchenko was Presidential Representative to the Leningrad Region from 1999-2000.  *He has been the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District since 2000.

MISCELLANEOUS: * Mr Poltavchenko probably met First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov while working for the State Tax Inspectorate in St Petersburg.

SUBORDINATES: *The Central Federal District consists of Smolensk Oblast, Tver Oblast, Yaroslavl Oblast, Kostroma Oblast, Bryansk Oblast, Kaluga Oblast, Moscow Oblast, Moscow City, Vladimir Oblast, Ivanovo Oblast, Kursk Oblast, Oryol Oblast, Tula Oblast, Ryazan Oblast, Belgorod Oblast, Lipetsk Oblast, Tambov Oblast, and Voronezh Oblast.

Written by Nina Jobe

October 1, 2009 at 12:43 PM

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