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By now the elections should be over.  The results appear to be in favour of United Russia (huge shock, I know).

Meanwhile, the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) is on the verge of getting banned.  I am not a fan of DPNI.  Frankly, they are too extreme for my tastes.  But Europe has similar parties, and they aren’t banned.  The UK has the British Nationalist Party.  And how does the populace react?  The populace, in the form of the media, mocks them.  The BNP are allowed to have a platform, and to register candidates etc.  And a small percentage of the population votes for them because they speak to deep-seated fears that are in some ways legit (though extreme).  But for the most part, they are a fringe group that most people ignore, or they are fodder for comedians.

I understand the fear that the Russian government has.  I do.  But by not allowing these groups to exist, you are forcing them to become more and more radical, and eventually it will backfire on you.  Either with the creation of these militias, and/or more violent protests like the one we saw on Manezh back in December.  You are better off letting them register, garnering a few seats in the Duma, if they can, and then mock them in the press.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the blasts in Moscow the past few days may be the work of Kvachkov, and the People’s Militia, rather than Doku Umarov.  The evidence doesn’t really seem to point to either group, however.  I’ll update as more information comes out.


Written by Nina Jobe

March 13, 2011 at 1:55 PM

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