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Another Hat for Shuvy

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Good news, kids!  Igor Shuvalov is getting yet another job!  As if he wasn’t working his tail off with all the other hats he wears (foreign trade, small business, anti-monopoly policy, etc.), he is now the “Ombudsman to the Investment Policy Department of the Ministry of Economic Development”.

I just have one question: you couldn’t find someone else to do this job?  Surely, surely Elvira has someone she could have put in this ridiculous job.  But apparently not.  According to an article in Russia Profile, this is basically an “arbitration court” that is “a one-stop shop for foreigners to lodge complaints and offer suggestions on a wide range of issues affecting their business activities in Russia.”


“…legal experts like Yevgeny Reyzman, a partner at law firm Baker & McKenzie, said government ministries, including the Ministry of Economic Development, have no direct authority under the law to address issues relating to business disputes. “The most such a department should do is to direct investors’ complaints to other state departments with regulatory authority, such as the labor inspectorate or the prosecutor’s office,” Reyzman said.”

Hardly surprising, and actually pretty sad when it comes right down to it.  Poor Shuvy.

P.S. I also suspect that Shuvalov may be still writing at least some of VVP’s speeches.


Written by Nina Jobe

August 26, 2010 at 5:40 PM

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