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The Numbers Are In

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And the winner is

Yuri Trutnev!  Again!

I am actually not sure what the goal of this yearly exercise is except to make a lot of people upset.  It also makes people like me wonder why the discrepancies are so huge.  Perfect example: last year, Yuri Trutnev “earned” $5.34 million (for a comparison, in 2008, he “earned” $11 million, and in 2005, he earned $3.9 million).  Our own Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin “earned” $134,000 (in 2008, he “earned” $138,000).

Interesting Fact #1: Dima Medvedev has twelve bank accounts.  Count them: twelve!  And those are only the domestic ones.  He probably has even more abroad.  Why do you need twelve bank accounts in Russia?

Interesting Fact #2: Igor Shuvalov and his wife, Olga (who does not work), made $44.5 million last year.  That is 4 times as much as they made in 2008 (when their income declaration stated that Mrs Shuvalova “earned” $10.8 million, but that she did not work at her husband’s request).

So, what’s the lesson here?  First of all, Yury Trutnev has gotten somewhat smarter in the last year.  Second of all, these numbers are faked.  They don’t account for assets and bank accounts abroad, etc.  And finally, something I think we all already knew, but should be repeated: these people are dishonest, and stealing from their own people.

P.S. These numbers, and the assets will be added to the biographies.


Written by Nina Jobe

April 16, 2010 at 9:52 AM

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