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for the President’s speech to the Federal Assembly.  Unfortunately, the Kremlin is not big on posting the President’s schedule.  The only thing that they have posted is that Medvedev is visiting Germany on Monday.  So, I assume that the speech is later next week, or possibly the week following.  However, Medvedev did meet with the Federation Council Board today, and gave some remarks.  It will be interesting to see if what he said today is repeated in the speech.

Something interesting from today’s remarks:

I have already mentioned that last week amendments to the law on defence were approved, ones that I introduced to the Parliament on your initiative. The idea is to create a legal mechanism that would allow the President of Russia to make quick decisions on the use of Russia’s Armed Forces beyond its borders. You’ll recall in which circumstances this problem arose.

I now think that from a legal point of view this matter has been resolved. Of course such decisions would only be made in absolutely extraordinary situations and obviously only if they were absolutely necessary. But as recent experience has shown, we need this sort of legal framework. All of this is predicated on the eternal principle that our citizens must be protected everywhere in the world and must feel that their country is there to defend them.

I can already see where this is going to end up… Georgia Part 2 (otherwise known as Ukraine).


Written by Nina Jobe

November 5, 2009 at 10:09 PM

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