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Kudrin vs Luzhkov

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For awhile I thought that Kudrin was the weakest man in the Government.  I revised that point of view a few months ago for several reasons.  First of all, Igor Sechin has gone after him several times over the past few years, and Kudrin has stayed on.  At first I could not figure out why.  But I thought about it, and I realised that Kudrin has shown that he is basically loyal.  Plus, Kudrin gave Putin a place to stay when the latter first moved to Moscow.

It is a reciprocal relationship.  Putin values loyalty above all else.  He expects it.  At the same time, he is perfectly willing to reciprocate.  And he will, as long as the other person remains loyal.  But the minute there is a hint of disloyalty, you can kiss your job good-bye.  So, for the time being, it appears as though Kudrin is safe.

I have discussed Yuri Luzhkov several times over the past week or so.  Rumours abound as to his position (and the election last weekend did not appear to make him any safer).  However, I still maintain that he is safe, though considerably weaker than he was a year ago.

In light of all that, this story seems kind of weird.  I am not really sure what is happening here.  The article makes it sound like the two supposed weakest people are attacking each other.  I am more inclined to believe that Kudrin is acting as attack dog for the Government in an effort to further weaken Luzhkov.

Classic Quote from Yuri Luzhkov: “Kudrin will achieve in 2010 what not even the Germans managed to do in 1941 — to halt the works at the metro”.


Written by Nina Jobe

October 23, 2009 at 7:48 PM

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