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More on Okhta Centre

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Classic quote on Okhta:

The deputy director of Okhta Center, Vladimir Gronsky, sang praises to the skyscraper in the NTV report. “People call it a corncob, but I don’t see anything bad in a corncob,” he said. “The corncob is nature’s ideal creation.”

Well, that’s what I always think about when I think about Okhta.  Hence my nickname for it: “The Corn Palace.”

But according to The Moscow Times, the Clan War continues:

In a sign of the division, two state-controlled television channels aired competing reports on Sunday night about Okhta Center, which is to serve as the headquarters for Gazprom Neft but has met with fierce public opposition.

Over at Russia Profile Svetlana Kononova asks the questionAre Skyscrapers a Crime Against St Petersburg’s Heritage, or a Boon to Its Development?

According to a recent poll conducted by TOY-Opinion Research Company and ECOM Center of Expertise, 66 percent of respondents would vote against construction of the tower. Forty percent said they “categorically object” and 26 percent said that they are “somewhat against” it. Seven percent support the project “entirely,” and 13 percent said they are “fairly” supportive of it.

If St. Petersburg were added to the list of world heritage sites in danger, 63.6 percent of respondents said that this loss could not be compensated for with any amount of money.

Those who are most supportive of the project are students and managers—20 percent of them voted for the Okhta Center.

And now Okhta Centre, and Valentina Matviyenko are back-pedalling.  Well, it’s not for sure yet. Really?  Well, that’s cool.  If true, then maybe Russians will see that they have the power to affect change.


Written by Nina Jobe

October 22, 2009 at 5:35 PM

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