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has a great article at Jamestown on another problem with Medvedev’s Gazeta article.  That is the intellectual factor.  Look, there were some great innovative ideas in the article.  Ideas that people like Yurgens could get behind.  It’s what they want to hear.  Personally, I like to hear it too, but I happen to be a bit more cynical about these things.

Here is what Yuri has to say:

However, filling such ambitions [as Medvedev’s] requires enlightened, educated, and independently thinking people. The question is where Medvedev expects to find such people, as the intellectual potential of the country inexorably shrinks. Once promoted as the “best-read” country in the world, the Russian population is rapidly losing such skills. In fact, the image of Russia as “the world’s most read nation” has always been a myth, supported by the huge circulation of the works of Marx and Lenin. People read on the subway, but they mostly read whodunits. Now, the reading rate has markedly declined.

Again, the article was all pie in the sky.  In order to really follow through with these ideas for technological innovation, you would have to fundamentally change not only the entire Russian education system, but the whole philosophy of education.  Why do you educate?  To what purpose?  These are things that the regime is just not interested in.


Written by Nina Jobe

October 19, 2009 at 12:57 PM

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