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Dzhakhan Pollyeva Part 2

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Well, Medvedev actually did follow through.  Dzhakhan Pollyeva is no longer the President’s speech writer.  Quite frankly, she was not much of one, and DAM is probably better off without her.  I do not know much about Dzhakhan’s replacement, other than that she seems to be the same person the original rumour believed to be the replacement, Eva Vasilevskaya. The Moscow Times reports: “Vasilevskaya was an aide to Medvedev when he was first deputy prime minister and previously worked in the press office of Gazprom [when Medvedev was there].”

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has updated their Russian language website, but Dzhakhan is still listed as “Presidential Aide” with no job description, or even an outline of her responsibilities.  However, if you click on the link “Presidential Speechwriter’s Office” (Референтура Президента, in Russian), Eva’s name is posted.  Her official title is “Chief of the Presidential Speechwriters’ Bureau”.  We’ll see if this switch makes a huge difference.  I rather doubt it will because, once again, all Putinania needs is a warm body.

EDIT: More info on Eva and rumours of a possible reshuffle from FT.


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