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may be on her way to a different post.  According to The Moscow Times: “Medvedev has rejected speeches written by Dzhakhan Pollyeva, who served in the Kremlin during Putin’s presidency…”

There are a couple of things that concern me about this story.  First, Dzhakhan is rumoured to be close to another member of Medvedev’s staff, Larisa Brychyova.  Larisa is head of the State Legal Directorate, and advises Medvedev on legal matters.  Larisa and Dzhakhan attended law school together, and have remained close ever since.  Will this effect her too?

Second, even if the story is not true, as Alexei Mukhin claims, someone put it out there.  And an attack on the President’s speech-writer (though quite honestly, I am not sure how much writing she does, as I am pretty convinced Natalia Timakova has been writing the blog entries etc.) in the run-up to Medvedev’s State of the Nation speech has got to be calculated.  The question then becomes why?  Because if you are making a list of people with influence in the Kremlin, Dzhakhan would not even be on that list (at least she would not be on mine).

Another note concerning this article: The Institute for Contemporary Development is headed by Igor Yurgens,  I will add a link to their website (in English), and a list of members (many of whom are at least nominally loyal to Medvedev).


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