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For all his faults, and downright evilness, Ramzan Kadyrov does have his moments of comic relief.  The latest is aided by Movladi and the folks at Kavkaz Center.  First, the picture of Kadyrov is pretty amazing (and slightly frightening).

Most of Ramzan’s claims seem to be bogus. Particularly this one: “Earlier, two of his assistants – Magomed Hambiev (former CRI defense minister) and Shaa Turlaev (former head of CRI president Maskhadov’s guard), who took the side of Russian infidels, were also sent to mountains to fight against Mujahideen.”

This is confusing because I thought that Shaa Turlaev could hardly walk.  Maybe I am thinking of someone else, though… okay, I found a picture of Shaa without a leg, but I think he sustained other injuries later.

There is some relevance to Putinania in this article, when Kadyrov says: “Vladislav Yurivich is a strategist, he knows all difficulties in state politics, all its kitchen. He often helps me with advice. When I am tired, when I am irritated, saddened, I go to him. He listens to me and so calmly, delicately, lightly explains to me the hardships of the moment, and I calm down.”

Vladislav Surkov, the man who does everything.


Written by Nina Jobe

September 26, 2009 at 1:10 PM

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