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I find Frolov’s piece a little offensive.  I am not sure why because in many ways he says the same thing that Ryzhkov says.  And in many ways, I agree with what both of them say.  Medvedev’s five points for improving the economy were somewhat inspired.  After that initial impression, however, I thought, ‘this is all pie in the sky.  How does he intend to do this?  In order for any of this to truly be successful, he would need to go in and totally reform the education system, and that’s just for starters.’

I am still not sure what Medvedev’s goal was in publishing this article.  He is appealing (again) to a very small sector of society.  Admittedly an important sector, but still very small.  And the President admits this when he says that 2/3 of society live in rural areas.  These rural areas that he refers to may have television, but very few of them have Internet access (the only place this article was published, as far as I can determine).

Again, this was a teaser for the speech to the Duma in 2 months (btw: I still do not understand why the speech is in November now).  I think we can expect something big to happen then.

P.S. I am sure we will get some good responses to Frolov’s piece on Friday over at Russia Profile, and I will post excerpts then.


Written by Nina Jobe

September 15, 2009 at 4:29 PM

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