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that may or may not be related to the clan wars, the Head of the National Banking Council was fired yesterday.  Of course, the article never used the word “fired” because people are not fired in Putinania.  They are “removed” or “transferred” (or they die, which may be the same as “removed”, but I am not sure).

According to the article in The Moscow Times, Anatoly Aksakov was “removed” because he “…drew widespread criticism for suggesting that the ruble should be devalued.”

Boris Gryzlov (whom I have nicknamed “Boris the Boring” because of his droning voice) apparently led this attack.  However, I doubt that is the full story.  Boris would never actually do anything without prior approval from someone higher.

The other thing I find interesting about this story is that there were three abstentions.  You will note, of course, that not one person on the 11 person committee voted against removal.  They may have thought that this attack was unprovoked, and silly, but not one of them actually stood up and said so.  Instead 3 people (we are not even allowed to know who) abstained.  Abstaining is, of course, the wimpy way of saying “no”. If you are going to say “no”, you should really go all out.  On the other hand, the individuals representing the Government and Presidential Administration are all at risk of losing their jobs should they step out of line, so you can hardly blame them.  It would just be nice to see Alexei Kudrin (or anyone really) take a stand for once.


Written by Nina Jobe

September 9, 2009 at 12:25 AM

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