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Grigory Pasko

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has a response to Frolov’s piece here:

Putin and his friends are cultivating the prerequisites for their political demise on their own: through their feckless foreign and domestic policy; their inability and unwillingness to solve economic problems (it is much simpler for them to stuff their pockets with money from the sale of the country’s raw-materials reserves than to modernize production) – by all this they are bringing their demise ever closer. Of course, this can go on for a long time still in consideration of the fact that there is practically nobody to push today’s power towards removal: the opposition is weak, while the people, for now, are living tolerably all in all (I have in mind the people beyond the confines of Moscow and Petersburg – there people live quite well indeed by Russian measures). But such a situation can not go on for an endlessly long time.


Written by Nina Jobe

August 31, 2009 at 8:01 PM

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